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Teeth Cleaning & Hygiene

The first step in winning the battle against tooth decay and a world of dental problems in the future is good teeth hygiene. Get a professional preliminary exam and deep clean.
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Clear Braces

Invisalign is the smile ready way to straighten your teeth. Align and straighten your teeth without having to worry about wire and brackets. Click below to learn more.
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Crowns in One Visit

Get a new crown in no more than a couple hours. We have implemented the best of modern technology and dentistry for better and faster crown fitting and placement.
Teeth Implants Tarzana Dental

Dental Implants

We take special care when it comes to replacing your missing or lost teeth. We use the latest technology to find the right fit and solution for you all it takes it a simple exam.
teeth extractions in Tarzana California


We go out of our way to repair and restore teeth when possible, but sometimes tooth extraction is necessary if a tooth is putting your oral health at risk. We will take all necessary steps and precautions to ensure a comfortable treatment.
fillings in Tarzana California


When there is decay or cracks in your teeth, it is important to fill and repair your them to avoid worse infection or problems in the future. Our fillings are designed to match the color of your teeth to give you a beautiful and healthy smile.
teeth whitening in Tarzana California

Teeth Whitening

We use the #1 patient-requested Zoom Technology. Zoom whitening is by far the the strongest  and best method for whitening your teeth, and only dental professionals have access.
dental surgery in Tarzana California

Oral Surgery

- Wisdom Teeth
- Missing Teeth
- Impacted teeth due to wisdom teeth eruption
- Suspicious lesion or decay
- Tooth overcrowding
We Care About YOU
At our clinic, we treat everyone like a star. Our practice has attracted many celebrities, athletes and artists over the years. You could be our next success story! Dr. Thomas Rennaker is a prominent dentist that has transformed countless smiles over the years, making him no stranger to the craft of dentistry in Los Angeles.

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