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How to Navigate Dental Insurance (2021 Guide)

Dental insurance is one of those things that can be confusing for many people. It's important to make sure you have the right coverage, and it can be difficult to navigate what your dental insurance will cover. In this blog post, we are going to talk about ppo dental insurance as well as out of […]

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dental implants cost example
Dental Implants: Cost, Concerns, and Why They're Better than Other Options

For many people, part of their dental health journeys involve having dental implants. Having bad teeth get replaced is part of what keeps mouths and bones healthy and stable after decay or damage sets in. Dentists have been able to determine a very effective and efficient way of maintaining good oral health through utilizing dental […]

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woman with gingival pain
Mouth and Gingival Problems: Closer Than You’d Think

Unfortunately for your oral health, it can be very easy to ignore the dentist’s advice to brush and reminders to floss when you finish an appointment. Not taking care of your teeth can put you at risk of tooth decay and gum disease. You should stop avoiding good oral health until your six month check-up […]

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change out your toothbrush
When You Should Change Out Your Toothbrush - And 3 Reasons Why You Should

It should be no shock that we have to clean and replace things. Still, many people are surprised to find that they need to replace their toothbrushes - or rather, that they need to replace them so often. Making sure to change out your toothbrush, including an electric toothbrush head, every three months is the […]

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a charcuterie board of things you can still eat with sensitive teeth, braces, or removed wisdom teeth
Make Sure You Still Eat if You Have Sensitive Teeth, Braces, or Removed Wisdom Teeth

It’s a well known fact that what you eat has an impact on your dental health, especially if you have underlying problems. Here’s a list of what is best to eat if you have sensitive teeth, braces, or just got your wisdom teeth taken out, as well as what naturally whitens your teeth and what […]

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man with mirror after getting routine teeth cleaning
3 Reasons to Get a Routine Teeth Cleaning

We’re supposed to go to the dentist for a routine teeth cleaning every six months. Why? What benefit does this serve? It is actually really important for reasons you might not expect. Getting a routine teeth cleaning protects your gums, your teeth, and your risk of other surgeries, along with other oral health aspects. More […]

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Preventative Dentistry Image-Dentist Services Tarzana
Oral Health Step 1: Preventative Dentistry

One of the most important elements of a good dental care plan is preventative dentistry that you can do at home. Many patients have been unsatisfied with previous dental experiences. Often, this is because they may have only a partial understanding of their situation and what they can do outside of the dentist’s office to […]

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Clear Correct -Dental Plus-Tarzana California
You Don't Have to Wear Wires, Brackets or Rubber Bands with Clear Correct Braces.

You can forget about wearing wires, brackets or rubber bands with the clear aligners that are more comfortable and discreet than traditional braces. Unlike regular braces, they're easy to clean and remove too. Feel more confident while still correcting your smile. Clear correct offers a unique solution that works with most smiles to achieve strait […]

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Dental-Implant-Tarzana-California- model of dental implant
Implant Dentistry in Tarzana, CA

Dental Plus Tarzana offers a range of General and Cosmetic dental services in the Tarzana, California area. We are pleased to offer patients general dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry treatments such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, crowns & bridges, implant dentistry and more. If you are struggling with pain or want to improve your […]

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