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Here at Dental Plus Tarzana we guarantee a professional and courteous team, and pride ourselves in the way you are personally accommodated. We can offer many services in a single visit thanks to the latest in technology and practices. Patients can expect a personal yet modern approach to their treatment plans.


We want to answer all of your questions and establish a relationship to take care of your current and future dental needs.


A good dentist should put you on a good care routine including regular exams and a good daily care routine.


Utilizing cutting edge technology and the latest research we offer a dental care experience unlike any other.


Dr. Thomas Rennaker is a general dentist with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Southern California. After practicing dentistry all over the LA area, from Northridge to Huntington Beach he purchased Dental Plus Tarzana in 2009. Since then, he has dedicated himself to serving the dental needs of the community.

Our Testimonials

Chris Breedlove
"I love this place!! After years of neglect on my part, Dr. Rennaker gave me back my smile. He not only got me looking better but feeling better! Every person that I've recommended him to has made him their primary dentist. I can't thank him enough for what he's done for me. Top it all off, the prices are great and I actually smile now!"
Margaret Goddard
"I love my dentist. He is as concerned about my discomfort as I am. I’ve been seeing Dr Rennaker for years and all his work has been excellent. His staff is professional, friendly and a joy to do business with. He is the best dentist I’ve ever had."
Christina Chen
"I've been going to Dental Plus Tarzana for close to 10 years now. Dr. Rennaker is awesome. He is straightforward with you and will never try to make you do more than what you need to do. He will give you his opinion and suggestions but will never make you do anything that you don't want to do. He will always make sure you are comfortable and not experiencing any discomfort or pain."

Dental Knowledge Center

change out your toothbrush

The 3 Reasons and the Time When You Should Change Out Your Toothbrush

It should be no shock that we have to clean and replace things. Still, many people are surprised to find that they need to replace their toothbrushes - or rather, that they need to replace them so often. Making sure to change out your toothbrush, including an electric toothbrush head, every three months is the […]

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a charcuterie board of things you can still eat with sensitive teeth, braces, or removed wisdom teeth

Make Sure You Still Eat if You Have Sensitive Teeth, Braces, or Removed Wisdom Teeth

It’s a well known fact that what you eat has an impact on your dental health, especially if you have underlying problems. Here’s a list of what is best to eat if you have sensitive teeth, braces, or just got your wisdom teeth taken out, as well as what naturally whitens your teeth and what […]

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man with mirror after getting routine teeth cleaning

3 Reasons to Get a Routine Teeth Cleaning

We’re supposed to go to the dentist for a routine teeth cleaning every six months. Why? What benefit does this serve? It is actually really important for reasons you might not expect. Getting a routine teeth cleaning protects your gums, your teeth, and your risk of other surgeries, along with other oral health aspects. More […]

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